Guys, how do you act when you like a girl and get jealous over other guys in her life?

When you date a girl, what sort of things do you say to her or how do you react when she mentions other guys? Do you get jealous? Do you ignore these comments? Do you talk about other girls? Body language? Does it make you like her more or less if she talks about other guys that she likes or if they are interested in her? Would you run away from a girl if her ex always bothered her or other guys?


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  • Depends on the guy, most guys if you tell them about other guys, you are really putting them off. Making someone jealous portrays that you like to play games, a lot will disrepect you for that.

    Guys generally when are jealous will first try and conceal it, but soon if it becomes too much, they will huff and puff, generally very mal tempered and can become rude. (usual behaviour) I tend to try and let the girl know I'm jealous by looking slightly depressed. Sad I know, but jealousy eats our hearts out, some will do things completely rediculous to gain your attention often ending up looking like a complete fool, but please forgive them.

    If there was an ex or other guys bothering you, the guy whom you like will definitely not run away, as long as you communicate to him your problems with people bothering you, and that you still like the guy you are seeing. Communication is key, if you chose to not tell, he will think you still have feelings for your ex, and run away.

    • Thank you for your comments. In the beginning I told him I wasn't over my ex months ago. Now he knows that this one guy likes me and my ex keeps contacting me. I tell him and friends that I don't like either and it's not like that. I haven't told him how I feel about him, but I make it clear that I don't like others. Will a jealous guy talk about other girls and his ex to counterbalance my remarks? I don't know why he would do that otherwise since I'm clearly into him.

    • It is very nice that you laid out your problems, and that you are having problems, a nice guy, someone worth your time will respect that you have difficulty with getting over your ex, and you want to take things slow, he will stick around as long you reassure him you like him, by holding his hand, kiss on the cheek. More impressively if he's with a group of friends and you join him,give him a little kiss on the cheek, that is possibly the sweetest thing a girl can do for a guy on a normal day :)

    • But remember, be sensitive about reassuring him, or else he might think its just a normal thing, which it isn't.

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  • My Girlfriend has a few guy friends, including one ex, and I've got no problem with her talking to any of them. Why? Because I'm in the same boat. I'm a male nurse, and a lot of my friends and workmates are girls. Not to mention I'm still good friends with 2 ex girlfriends.

    We were friends a long time before we became a couple, and any jelousy I had was more envy of her ex boyfriend (who was a bit of a d/head, and she's not friends with him any more). I think jealousy often says more about the jealous person then anyone else.

  • im not going to lie, when I'm dating another girl and she talks about other guys it makes me feel a bit jealous because I feel she doesn't care for me as much as she should. if she talks about her ex, that really makes me jealous and makes me not like her that much. talking about an ex is a no go. but when your with someone try not to talk to as many guys, and if the guy you are dating doesn't like a certain guy your talking to and he lets you know, you should respect him and not talk to that guy anymore. that's just my way of thinking.


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