Guys, would you do this for an ex girlfriend?

I dated a guy for just over a month. He broke up with me, and seemed visibly shaken up over it. Recently I have been having car problems and he has a huge interest in fixing cars. He offered first to help me with my car starter, which fixed itself. Then a week later, he offered to take a look at why my car wasn't starting for me. I thought it was just an offer, but he followed through. He drove half an hour into the city to pick up my car and take it back to his place today. He had it for 3 hours before bringing it back. Would any of you do this for an ex girlfriend if you were "just friends"?


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  • he has an interest in cars, just him fixing it he learns more seeing things visually and all, but if your ex has a current girlfriend now, he wouldn't because he wouldn't confuse or send mixed messages. If he does have one and he's fixing your car now well sparks may fly.

  • Maybe, maybe not, if he does have a huge interest in fixing cars then that's perfectly explainable, I'd definitely be the same if an ex brought up something to do with languages. If we were friends again I'd be more than happy to help if she needed it. Because if we were friends again, why treat her any different than I treat my other friends?

    However, there is a possibility he's still into you. If you want him to be, look for other clues. Normally my advice to people is to just outright ask, but with exes maybe it's better to be more careful.


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