My ex boyfriend doesn't want to think 'what if'?

me and my boyfriend broke up 7 months ago (he broke up with me) and he knew I wanted to get back together. nothing really bad happened between us, but I guess I hurt his feelings at some point and he didn't want to get hurt again. whenever I asked him if he wanted to get back together he said he really wasn't sure whether he wanted to risk the hurt again

to cut a long story short, we was in no contact for months. he would contact me and say I miss you and stuff along those lines BUT he said he wasn't sure if our relationship would work. he hasn't dated anyone since we broke up and he said to me that he doesn't want to be thinking 'what if' between him and I

where does this leave me? guys, if you were thinking what if how would you react to it?


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  • i went through a similar situation. I got hurt not once but twice. and I didn't want to be hurt again. but I loved her so much I gave her a 3rd chance, and than realized I was worrying about her all the time and wasn't able to trust her. I told her it wasn't going to work out, she ended up throwing everything in my face and tried to make me feel guilty.

    i understand where he is coming from, he doesn't want to be hurt, no one does. and he isn't sure if you will hurt him again. just do whatever you can to make him realize your still there and want to be with him and that you will try your hardest to make things right. than he might start thinking "what if". it takes time to heal, but one day he will be able to talk to you casually like a friend. if it didn't work the first time, chances are it won't work a second. so both of you need to make the right decision for YOURSELVES. what is in it for both of you? just follow your heart, your heart and gut will lead you the right way the majority of the time :D hope I helped at least a little bit. good luck!

    • yea I completely understand why he is scared of being hurt again, he hurt me first (which was also a mistake and I know he didn't mean to) its really over silly things which makes it even more stupid! but yea thank you I hope he can trust me again sometime soon.

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  • well I think he should give you another chance I think he cares about you but is afraid of commitment and getting hurt you should tell him ithat yall should take it slow and see how it goes

  • I run really fast away from you


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