How do you gain POWER back?

After you get dumped and rejected by an ex that you try to get back together with and they ignore you...

How do you gain power back after they ignore you? and you are hurt and they are winning


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  • I have done this, I technically dumped her but I was out already, she wasn't ringing, being attentive and pretty much didn't care about me. I was turning into some needy wuss.

    I later found out some rich guy was eyeing her up whilst with me, they got together after but he cheated on her

    Anyways she called me out of the blue, after he cheated and I sense she once to get back. Played along with it, went out and we slept with each other a couple of times.

    To gain my power back I did the disappearing act, I just didn't answer her texts, FB, etc... It was evil and felt bad about it but I secretly love it too ;).

    Even to this day, apperantly she hates me but I should definitely give her a call to apologize though.

    • Why? because she hurt you?

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  • This is an interesting question. The first thing you need to understand is what do you need this "power" for? I think interest is a better suited word. You should analyze why he dumped you because that's the key. If that reason for what he dumped you never existed, what would be the outcome? Work on that.

  • This isn't like chess or necessarily about impressing your EX, if you want to gain his attention that is a different story, but I don't know what you mean by power, with in yourself to move on or in this battle with your EX?

    • Its about how do you win back power after being hurt and rejected?

    • its not a fight tht you should keep fighting, the best way to rub it back in his face is moving on with your life and showing him you don't need him and your great with out him

    • best answer! It's not about winning or losing. The best way to 'win' is to just move on and show him that he does't have a hold on you.

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  • it's not about winning and losing. it's about you.


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