I wrote my ex girl this poem before I left herbecause I was an idiot. Now she won't text or call me back :(

When I first saw you at the movies

nothing felt as it seems,

I love how whenever I'm with you

Every second feels like a dream,

Every time I'm with you

I really at a loss for words,

Some people say they get butterfly's

but to me it feels like a thousand birds,

You are truly amazing

and it really shows when you smile,

I love you so so much

That goes on for miles and miles,

The littlest things you do

drive my heart crazy,

In such a way where I fall in love

when your rawwring or just being lazy,

I'm so glad I found you

Cuz you are one of a kind,

I love everything about you

Including your heart and your mind,

Don't change anything about you

Cuz I'm in love with every part,

Its who you are inside and out

Which is why I'm never gonna break your heart,

It you ever feel alone or scared

Don't smile or put it to hide,

Cuz I am never gonna leave you

Remember I'm always by your side,

So you'll always have me here

and I hope you'll always be mine,

I will love you forever and ever

Till even after the end of time,

I love you Felicia :( I'm sorry


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  • Wait - you wrote this for her & dumped her right after? Yeah - no wonder why she won't answer your calls.

    You write her probably the sweetest thing she's ever gotten from a boy, a poem promising you'll never leave her, and then you leave her.

    I'd be pissed too...

    • I told her that id never leave her unless I found out she was talking to other guys. And I thought she started talking to her ex again so I didn't get mad but hurt and left her but the next day realized that I was just being too paranoid. I don't know I'm an idiot. Just got scared of bein hurt

    • Girls are allowed to talk to other guys you know. Sorry, but the way you said that made you sound super controlling, though I'm sure that wasn't your intent. Just because she talks to other guys doesn't mean she's cheating on you.

  • It sounds like something ud write before you propose to her... now if she'd read all of it and gotten to the 'im sorry' part, she's going to feel like you just stuck the knife in. You can't take it back now... I suggest writing her a letter or sending her a message, not saying how amazing she is but saying how it was you're own shortcomings that have led to it not working out (even if is not true it will make her feel better about herself). Writing a letter will give her time to think before she reads it, she might rip it up but she can always glue it back together when she's ready to read it.

    If you just stop calling without sending her some sort of message she be even less impressed, so write and then give her time and space to sort herself out, if you're still going to be friends then maybe contact her again 2 or 3 months later?


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