How long does it take a girl to get over someone?

I really like a girl who broke up with her boyfriend 3 days before meeting me that was approx 1 month ago. Since then we do almost everything together as friends by now but you can feel those "sings" that there is something more going on there so... I was thinking to take the next step but I can just pass by the fact that she broke up with someone who she was 1 year and few months about a month ago. Then I wonder it there a average period of time for girls to get over someone or if you meet someone very special it doesn't matter that much if it's been just a while since your last relationship.

She was the one who ended her previous relationship


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  • depndes how much she liked the guy. By me for example, it was very hard for me to get used to the idea that he wants nothing to do with me. I cried over him and thought about him every day! and still now I think abt him but less than how I used to. but, he's still like in the back of mind/thoughts if you know what I mean, I can't really explain it. Usually it's hard to get over someone you care about! I think I'll get over him completly(!) when I'll find my man who makes me happy and keeps my mind busy!

    • And what about if you are the one who wants nothing to do with him? Is there a difference?

    • yes

      if I want nothing tod o with him, then I don't have feelings for him and he won't be on mind

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  • it differs from girl to girl.

  • i met my current boyfriend a few days after I got out of a relationship. and a month later we were dating. so I would say especially since she ended it. she might just be ready for someone else. but that's only if she's interested inyou. so if you think she is I would go for it!


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