Why is she so distant?

I've been with my girlfriend for about four months now. Everything has been great and we get along in almost everything. Of course, each relationship has it's tiny bumps, but that is to be expected. Aside from that, we've been fine. However, she's recently just started to become distant. I can see it in her eyes when she looks at me and sometimes she'll pull away when I try to hold her hand. I've tried asking her why she does it and she won't give me a straight answer. I'm not suspecting that she's cheating, but I am concerned for what she might be feeling. Thoughts?

Turns out that she's been stressed with school and sometimes she doesn't even realize that she's doing it. We had a pretty long talk about it and also about the things about each other that eat at us. So, here's to luck! Thanks for the answers.


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What Girls Said 1

  • It is quite possible that perhaps she is starting to question the relationship and that she may not want to continue it. I know it sounds kind of bad but it may just be time for you to face that she does not want to date. HOWEVER, it may also be possible that she is having a lot of personal things going on. and may just be feeling distant.

    the best ting is to pull her to the side and tell her that you are worried about her. Try to get her talking, let her know that you will understand.


What Guys Said 1

  • First find out what is wrong in her life ie someone sick, lost a job, etc.

    If everything is great then you on your way out buddy... or she is cheating, either way not good.

    Only way you might change it is to become distance yourself. be prepared to walk away from her.


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