Moving to Michigan?

Okay so my parents are talking about moving to Michigan. Well I've heard a lot of pretty negative things about it so I was wondering if there was anyone on here that was familiar or lived there. I think the part were moving to is Taylor or somewhere around there. Any comments about it or just what's its like would be super helpful. Also not being stereotypical or offensive but people "up north" have a different dialect then me since I'm from Kentucky and I talk pretty that gonna be totally noticeable? And um..anything else would be helpful. By the way I know this isn't a typical question on here, but all well. Thanks.


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  • Well, I used to live in Chicago, but I guess I can't tell you specifically about Michigan. It definitely snows there and it's probably hot in the summer. As for accents, people from the North definitely have a different accent than what you would have, but I doubt it'll be a problem, It'll just be unique. In Chicago I'd always call soda 'pop', not sure if that helps, but it's about all I got. Good luck : )


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