Why do guys cheat and then try and blame it on the other girl?

Why doe guys cheat and then try and blame it on the other girl? (I know that girls do this also, but I'm speaking from personal experience)

Example. Just recently my boyfriend and I just broke up because his other girlfriend found me on facebook and we talked and found out he was two timing. When I confronted him about it he tried to spin it around on me saying that I needed to grow up and stop blowing things out of proportion. Personally I think he was just made that he was caught and I am one of the only girls he has dated who hasn't rolled over for him due to his charm and looks.

He was being kind of a bitch about the whole situation, like avoiding me and only having the fight over text message. I am mainly just curious. I am just glad I only wasted 2 weeks with this guy, unfortunately the other girl decided to forgive him and take him back -_-


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  • Because he's dumb of course but if you know itvwasint on you don't sweat it,


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