Not sure if I should stay or go?

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my Boy and I have been together for 2.5 yrs, to be honest things have gotten boring and I'm not sure if I want more excitement in my life or not. we used to be so experimental in the bedroom, now I'm lucky if I get sex 3 times a week. he used to take me out and plan nice surprises and now its very rare. I know thing do change over time but I'm not sure if I still want this. we still love each other deeply but I'm always asking myself if there's more to a relationship than this. please any advise will help.


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  • Its not a good sign that you are thinking about breaking it off. But every relationship has its ups and downs. If you have talked to him already about what you think you're missing, but it hasn't changed, you need to think about how important those things are to you. Are they important enough to leave behind 2.5 years.

    You also really need to sit down with yourself and figure out exactly what you want. Not just want you think you want, or might like, but what exactly you want. Once you know for sure, then you can make it clear to him that this is something you need out of the relationship.

    Basically you need to set up your breaking points. The 'I can't continue if I don't get ___ out of the relationship'. They shouldn't be frivolous either, make them realistic.

    Once you fully analyze what you want, and what you're currently getting out of the relationship, try talking with him about all of it again. After that, you're answer should be more clear. Good luck.


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  • I think is not a good thing to contemplate ending a relationship when you haven't even told him how you feel. Remember guys do not read signs, you have to tell them that sex is very important for you and that you want to have more fun in the relationship, Don't mention that you even thought about breaking out, guys are very emotional in the inside.

    • we have discussed it though and he knows how I feel but still nothing gets better. sometimes we feel like strangers

    • I don't think you have had a real discussion about it. Like you really need to tell him we need to have a talk and all that, to actually sit on the table, not just mention it out of the blue. Guys don't take it serious if you don't take it serious.

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  • hmm... well I think you need to really think about what your life would be like with out him. If your contemplating breaking up because of the excitement factor think about what you'll do with out him, how much fun will you really be having. also, realize that if you do decide to break up because of this, and realize you made a big mistake (which you might or might not) just know that there's a chance that he won't take you back. Also, if he's not doing these things for you anymore maybe you can take some initiate and plan something exciting or do something for him and then maybe he will recipricate the gesture... good luck!


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