He cheated with his ex, I forgave. Found out he's still talking to her?

2 months ago, his ex came back to visit from another state (she has family here) and he cheated on me with her. It was the first time he'd done something like this, and we had many solid conversations about it so I decided give him a second chance. Recently, I noticed that he had accidentally left his FB as permanently logged on in my iPhone Safari. I know it's wrong, but I got curious and snooped. He messaged her last night saying they should Skype and catch up. Should I be worried/confront him? If so, how can I bring this up?


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  • yeah that needs to end, like right now

    • His communication with her or our relationship? Do I give him the chance to explain himself?

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    • after getting more infor your boyfriend doesn't seem like a horrible guy anymore, you should talk to him about it. like me for example, I've made sure that all my gfriends know that if they want to be with someone other then me, then jsut tell me it causes less pain, and what I'm saying is be honest with him like he seems to be being with your, and since they were friends don't make contatct betweeen the two of them end, just talk to him about it

    • Thank you very much for your help. You seem like a very genuine, sincere guy. The girls you choose are lucky. :)

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  • just ask him if he had talked to her recenlty and if he says yes how did you know say you know everything and then ask why is he still talking to her then go from their. Did he tell you he cheated rite after it happened or did you find out from someone else

    • He told me right after. I'm kind of not sure how to bring it up since it's kind of crazy coincidence if the day after he talks to her, I just HAPPEN to bring her up, you know?

      Should I wait a few days, then ask?

    • ya it might be better to wait. I probably wouldn't wait but that's because I have a big mouth and I get jealous easy.. well if he told you rite after he probably is sorry that he did it

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