Jealous of my boyfriend's ex?

Basically, my boyfriend told me how he felt this time last year - he was my best friend at the time and although I did have feelings for him, I sorta rejected him because my best friend also liked him. He then got with a girl, and she became his first, his first love and his first sexual relationship, after 5 months they split and I ended up telling him how I felt about him, and then we got together. But, I am so jealous of his ex, to the point where it's effecting my self-esteem and confidence. They talk quite often, and he talks to her about our relationship which makes me feel uncomfortable, she's really pretty however people always say we're really similar, and she's a likable person yet I still hate her because of loads of problems she caused near the beginning of our relationship, I just don't know what to do?


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  • Your not alone there are allot of people who go through young loves challenges.

    But you may want to focus on your friendship aspects first? If you can be good friends ? there may be a chance to further your attempts to attract his inner man in a way no other girl has.

    You already have had the chemistry, but your timing is all wrong. keep a distance love but seek his friendship and you may see a different guy. If he is shallow you will know it as he may want to keep you on a shelf until he feels its an interest to him. In any case look around and give it time! you never know there may someone who has had his eyes on you that will rock as your first real love? good luck


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