My ex wants me back?

my ex boyfriend of 4 years wants me back...everything was great until last year when I got pregnant,he started acting funny,talking on phone while making sure am not listening,was rude to and used to flirt with other girls even wen I was around.

he even had to do night duty since his an imaging technologist in a hospital. I suspected he was cheating but never got a chance to prove it. unfortunately at 6months I had a hypertensive crisis due to a condition called pheochromcytoma and my child had to e delivered prematurely at 6months by c-sec. she was too little to make it and my ex deserted me in hospital

fast forward 7months later,i am healed and trying to get back to normal and my work is great now he comes back to tell me his sorry 4 all that and his current girlfriend is 6months pregnant.but willing to leave her for me since apparently I was his love and doesn't love her. the reason he dumped me in hospital in case your wondering is cos I wasn't there 4 him wen we lost our child and she was...he needed sb. I was wondering if I can get back to him but after writing all this I think I know the ans.



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  • Oh my God. Please don't get back with him! You can do so much better. And his reasoning for dumping you in the first place is cruel and unfair. Concentrate on yourself and your work and you'll find a decent man soon enough. Remember that you made it through that horrible time all on your own so you are perfectly strong enough not to need a man, and you are young enough to have plenty of time for a family.


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  • Ok well girl I think you can do way better than him I mean what kind of a man that I supposed to love you would desert you in a time like that I mean if I was a man and my girlfriend of 4 years got pregnant I would be over the moon and would be there for her everyday ...The reason why he wants to come back now is becasue she is prenant and he doesn't want kids that's why and guess what he is going to do the exact same thing to his new girl as he did to you so my advice woul be to move on with your life find someone who loves you and really cares and maybe wait to settle down [i.e marraige ] and have kids but heyy if you want to have kids with the right guy and aren't married there's no1 gonna stop you but I just think you deserve better I mean nayone deserves better than that !

    but whatever choice you make good luck with it and I wish you the best for now and the future :) love heyyathere x

    • thanx its just that when you have been with sb for four years you tend to start thinking of a family..but I don't even know if I love him anymore

  • You have answered your question by yourself. :) You seems to be a very strong girl. Just wish you to take your own decisions and taking them by considering and prioritizing yourself.

    all the very best


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