Will you break it off now? OR will you work it through? What would you choose?

If you knew that he is your happiness,

that without him you'd be miserable,

never have a reason to smile again.

If you've been in & out of relationships and finally found a person

that you 100% identify with...But

making it work with him will cause you

-excruciating pain-

and an unsure future.

Will you break it off now, suffer pain now but be able to move on with your miserable life?

OR will you work it through,

suffer numerous heartache in hope,

have faith in love & hope that faith will bring you that forever happiness that you know could be true if you survived the trials?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Pain earned in search of happiness is always worthwhile.


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What Guys Said 2

  • If the future is unsure now, it can only get worse.

    ``Light burdens, borne long, grow heavy.''

    Your faith in love and hope won't change him; you can't push a rope.

  • Wisdom! You may feel right ... that's your hearth part speaking. Your brain on the other way sands you signals: "warning! denger! ... unhappy ... unsure future ... danger!" So I would guess that he is just 50% match.

    Note number two: He doesn not ever ever ever make you happy or unhappy! You does! Only you have your happiness in your hands! If you decide that you will not be miserable you won't either way! So don't blame him if you are not. It is not his fault. You are responsible for that!

    Note nuber three: Is he worth it? We cannot know. You must.

    • He is definitely worth every tear!

      The trials will be exactly the same for both of us. Trials that may bring us together or drive us apart. How long can we fight circumstances?

      I know I will be able to persevere but I do not know if he will be able to...and this case it takes 2 to tango. Otherwise all is for nothing!

    • Exactly!

      -> How long? That's for you to decide. ...

      -> If he will be able to persevere? ... Talk to him about it. Also I was not asking if it is worth if it works out eventually but if it is worth trouble even with bad odds.

      -> I don't know what trails is ... If you don't want to write it here ... talk to some friend about it. Possibly one that have been through similar situation.

What Girls Said 1

  • It sounds like you're going to be miserable either way. So break it off with the guy who is sucking the hope out of your future, find your internal happiness and enjoy your life. There are a lot of people in this big old world, and more than one of them will bring you connection and happiness.

    Sometimes you get blinded by the proximity of the person you are with. My ex husband was the heart of my heart, but his lifestyle choices damaged my soul, so I had to chose to move forward on my own. Now I have found friends that make me happy and I've found that hope springs eternal, and I'm seeking the man who can be my partner, rather than having a dependent relationship.

    Open yourself up to the possibility of happiness rather than the oppression of the negative. You'll be a better, more well adjusted person for it. And if it was something that was fated to be your man will man up and make your future secure


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