Should I move on or wait for her?

My girlfriend has been going through a hard time. Her mother has been very controlling since she went off to college. She goes to a college in another town, 150 miles away. Last week she paid a surprise visit to me, and her mom went ballistic. She has been monitoring her movements with her cell phone and tracking her credit card. This has all been leaving my girlfriend crushed, scared, and confused, and crying.

She started talking about gaining some independence, but is scared. I told her it would be hard, but I believe she can do it, and I am with her through this. She started getting distrustful of me, because her mom has been trying to use me to keep tabs on her. I would just not pay attention, or tell her something harmless to keep her happy, but eventually I think my girlfriend started seeing me as just her babysitter. She reveals to my sister (her friend) that she is having second thoughts.

Her mom logs into her FB and starts talking to me. I tell her (without realizing who it really was) that I don't like her mom, I hate how she is treating her, and that I won't talk to her anymore, for fear of losing her trust. Well, that started even more problems.

Now she broke up with me, saying that she tried but she just does not feel anything anymore. She told my sister what was going on with her feelings, and that she felt if I loved her, I should wait for her. She tells me that she thinks I got too involved, that I tried fighting her battles for her, and that I wouldn't stop. The only time I ever said anything was when her mother tricked me, I don't know how she can be thinking this.

She hasn't been herself needless to say. She has been crying constantly, distant to me ever since her mother flipped out, and I think her depression is so bad, she is simply not capable of showing any sort of affection anymore. She simply wants it all to just go away it seems. I don't know if she really wanted to get rid of me. She gets rid of me, and then tells my sister that she thinks if I loved her I would wait.

I want to wait..I really do. But she won't talk to me much anymore, so I don't know if it is even worth my time. I'm scared to go to church anymore for fear of seeing her, and I am unsure if she even still loves me or not anymore.


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