I’m really scared should I be worried or am I being silly?

Hello I’ve a boyfriend of 7 months we are pretty serious about our relationship.. he loves me dearly as I do him. However, he’s been acting distant lately and so out of character and it’s freaking me out... like tonight he just texted I’m wrecked I’ll go to sleep gn ttyt!! When I know he never sleeps this early. I was out with his friends while he was working away and I’ve told him I was. Anyways, THE PROBLEM IS/MY FEAR is of the inappropriate pics I've sent him. I’ve sent him previously some provocative sexual pics wearing tight leather pants, leggings, ass pics wearing such clothes. And I’m certain positions. The ones he sends me are straight up nudes I couldn’t go nude but I went around it. Now I’m scared he might leaks them if we break up or send them to his friends or sth. He is the type that never deletes anything for decades he accumulates everything on iCloud and his computer... I’m really sad and I regret it. Am I being a prude and over reacting?


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