Cheated on me but now he doesn’t?

So i founnd out to my ex phone that last year he cheated on me w some other girl. We had a thing back then but for me it was more than that i used to say i loved him and he 2 but he said now that back then he was used to playing around and he didin’t take me seriously. I didin’t know that he was also having sex with someother. And we broke up last march when i checked his phone he had a old conversation w his friend abour that he had a girlfriend in march Till to August but still was having sex with many many girls. On the text they were catching girls and planning to have sex w them almost everyweek. This made me upset because i really didin’t know that he is/ was this worst. I gave him a chance on October and after that we have been in a relathionship it was hard because i have trust issues but i didin’t know all off this untill 2 days ago. He said he is sorry he was dumb and all and he is changed. Now that we were in a relathionship i don’t think he cheated on me because i go through his phone secretly and he changed his number and all but after that i found out about him cheating on me last year and his wild summer stories having sex w a lot of girls i got hurt and afraid so i left him got all of my stuff and left his house. Im afraid that is he just acting this nice guy to me
Because w that other girl he was going out w her coming drunk to her house but w me he doesn’t do anything because he know i don’t like it so is this ”good man” just all acting is he even changed? I still love him and its so hard not to be w him because i had plans w him. And i feel lonely but im also hurt
What should i do should i give him a chance because the cheating was last year


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