My ex boyfriend keeps telling me to find someone?

My ex and I agreed to be just friends few weeks ago but it’s obvious we still have some feelings for each other maybe not as strong tho. But he tells me a lot to find someone else and I was just like ok. So we been talking like normal he tells me about his life and so do I. Not everyday tho and we have had sex recently with deep conversations. He did ask if I have found someone yet at that time and I said no. I got tired of him telling me to find someone else, and I was like f*ck it ima just tell him I’m talking to someone so he can stop bugging me about it. When I told him he just said ok. Not even a “that’s good happy for you”. Like why does he respond different when he kept telling me to find someone?
When I even try to be just friend with benefits he gets upset and ask if that’s all I want from him...


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  • I went through a very similar situation with my ex girlfriend, could be a few reasons why. Did you break up with him by any chance?

    • 4d

      No he broke up with me. He thinks I’m still coming to him cause I want more but I’m just being a friend which I act the same with any other friend that I have.

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