Ex blocked me out of the blue, why?

An ex and also a coworker blocked me after two months on Facebook. We barely talking to each at work. But lately she has been more friendly than before. Making jokes, smile at me.

But yesterday she blocked me just like that. We have no contact at all outside the work. I didn't say anything special to her yesterday at work. We were only talking, smiling, joking.

I don't understand it. Why now? I borrowed a friends Facebook and there she was. Still single. So her account is still there.

She doesn't wants to be unfriend with me. That's what see said before. It's difficult be friend with her when she doing this to me.

We see each other almost everyday. How could I be friendly now at work? I'm so angry right now. It will be really difficult to look at her.

I am still single and I don't looking for something new either. I'm tired of relationships. Nice to be single.

I don't understand. Why now. Why block me at all.
Ex blocked me out of the blue, why?
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