What was something between me and my what-so-called ex?

Well it wasn't a proper relationship with my 'ex'. Cuz first of all, it was rushed. Our feelings for each other weren't that big when we started dating. Or just mine. We only knew each other for less than 2 months then we started going out. We even barely knew each other. Second of all, lack of communication. When we were still friends, we talked a lot online. We still talked in person but not as much online cuz he's extremely shy. Then we started dating, we got even more distant and awkward but we still talked online. Lastly, he wasn't serious about me. He wasn't making an effort unless he wanted to. Everytime I tried to talk to him in person, he walked away. This is y a lot of people think he's a coward. And when I broke up with him via text, he just said good night.

It may have been horrible going out with him but it was also nice. It was acc my first time to go out with someone. We went out a couple of dates, cuddled, held hands, gave each other presents on valentines' day, and saw a movie with our best friend third wheeling us but we never kissed. I wasn't even looking forward to it. We never told each other that we're bf/gf but we told people. Ik he was never considered as my boyfriend cuz it wasn't an actual relationship. Even my friends said that.

We haven't been talking for ages since our breakup. Well we hardly talked in person so yh. But he tried to talk to me when I was talking to his friend but I just ignored him, still likes my insta photos, and stares at me. Welp we may not be dating each other anymore but we can maybe be friends. After all, we weren't that serious. Do u think I still should be friends with him?
What was something between me and my what-so-called ex?
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