I just broke up and I'm in a lot of pain now. What should I do?

because of my insecurities, I kinda blew the relationship and honestly, it only took the breakup (3 days ago) for me to realize what went wrong. I messaged him, acknowledging my mistake objectively and apologized.

As his girlfriend, I know he's emotionally detached when he's really stressed. He told me that he doesn't like me that much anymore. But when I asked him if we can all calm down and think it through, before making a decision, he agreed.

This is not my first breakup with a boyfriend, but this is the first time i felt this way. I felt like I've blew up a relationship that that could potentially be really fulfilling. I don't know what I should do now... sometimes i feel strong because i believe he'll realize that it wasn't big enough of an issue to break up. sometimes I will burst out in tears and become so so sad at the thought that he'll leave for good.

I don't know what i should expect and what I should do.
Please help.
7 mo
we just messaged each other a little. he said he doesn't like me anymore, but he also said that if we meet again, he'll be weak and fall in love with me again. I don't understand. can someone make sense of this to me?
I just broke up and I'm in a lot of pain now. What should I do?
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