What does this mean in text?

Ex boyfriend messaged after a month when I found out he has a live in girlfriend that contacted me.

I messaged him not playing nice no more. And its over because he lied and cheated.

Been exactly a month when this happened and he sends a message with 1 dot only.

I have no clue what he is trying to say because he always contacts after a month of disappearing from being dumb.

Please anyone who understands this in the texting world would be great to know
6 mo
Plus, I haven't messaged back since the talk with his new girlfriend.
He called me a stalker b**** when he was the one contacting.
I've been with someone new way before all this drama started. And doing me the whole time.
That is why Im lost on why just send a dot if your done etc.. when he the one contacting
What does this mean in text?
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