What do you think about relationship ultimatums?

So I've been in a long distance relationship for 2 years, we had our immature fights and all.

He was nice when I know him but recently he throw an ultimatum. I woke up an hour late than I said (not a promise tho), He told me he'd wait to chat with me and he didn't answer so I called him, he is not the type who fell asleep quickly so he was mad, I apologize bc I don't know if he fell asleep. Then I called him "you woke me up for nothing, talk now like there's no tomorrow. Or else im out watchint movie" then he follows with "Now or never, or I might never get back i" he would talk like this when angry and we talked a bit but with his attitude.. it got me angry too. So instead I told him "why are you angry at the slightest things? Just go watch your movie, I'm going to clean my room first" as a way to calm myself because I dont want to explode. And next thing I know he deleted the emoji, changed the chat color on messenger and I said "thats awesome" and he said "your choice".. I even explained about how I dont want the angry me and angry him met it'd be disastrous but he said "I said it very clearly talk now or never" and pushing me into more feeling bad. And said "this is your fucking last chance"

When I read what I said to him I did sound passive aggresive when I'm not at all. And I fear that he'd keep making ultimatums for the slightest mistakes. I'm feeling like not appreciated enough.
What do you think about relationship ultimatums?
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