What to do after mixed signals?

Hi, I was in an on and off relationship for 2 years. I broke it off in the heat of an argument, then my ex agreed and said it's best to end the relationship. After the breakup we remained in contact on and off (he would always contact me first). he would come by my house or call with an excuse to talk to me. 1 day i told him i wanted to work things out, he said he still has feelings for me and wishes things were different but the relationship is too complicated so he doesn't see us ever getting back together. After this i told him i don't want to be friends so i cut contact. After a few missed calls from him i called him and we started speaking and hanging out. After this i told him again i can't be just friends and i cut contact again. 11 days later he started contacting me. He called me all week asking if i already met someone, making jokes, sharing things about his life and he even asked me out. 2 days later we met, but after this he said it was a mistake hanging out and that he doesn't have feelings for me anymore. He was really angry and told me to never call him again (i THINK he saw a text and thought i was seeing someone). I haven't contacted him since. It's been 9 days. I should say all of this happened during our previous breakups. The only difference is that i would rarely go so many days without him trying to contact me. What's your opinion? Do u think he will contact me again and is there a chance we will get nack together?
What to do after mixed signals?
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