Why is he so angry and hostile towards me?

Ok so I was dating this guy and we both liked each other a lot. He would always call me pretty and ask me why I picked him etc. well we got into a pretty big argument about a week ago and I left his house in anger and went to my place. He sent me messages telling me that I’m made him all depressed etc (he went to a bar even though he isn’t a drinker) the next day I tried to contact him to talk, and he was just so hostile. Every time I tried to talk to him he would be angry and hostile toward me. I was thinking okay maybe he’s just that mad over our argument so I’ll give him space. I contacted him a few days later (had to give him space) and he was still so hostile. He is literally acting as if he hates me. (The original argument was about a text message he got by the way.)

So I tried to give him more time and contacted him after a few more days and it’s the same thing. At this point we haven’t seen each other in a week. He even told me to go find a different guy to be with and I said I guess I will since we’re clearly done. And he called me a whore and blocked me. Lol I’m so confused.

So yeah we’re clearly over now and everything but I still wanted to get male advice as to what you guys think was going on inside of his head. Lol because I honestly have no idea. This was the weirdest situation I’ve ever been in.

So so tell me guys, what the heck happened? Lol
Why is he so angry and hostile towards me?
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