Im ready to let her do navigating?

From the very beginning, she become someone special to me. Sincerely the best person i could have ever met, i just felt i could be me and there would be no problem. I know i always had an attachment problem and i made it clear to her about this. Dont be with me if you will ignore me and try to belittle me.

While in a relationship, i would question her all along the way and ask if she was sure about what she was about to do. I knew just how attached she was to family and i knew she would miss them greatly. Around a year into the relationship, she began ignoring me as i would ask her to not leave. She would say she would go with family so i began questioning her if she was sure that she was ready to build a life of just us. I know it was wrong but her mother and her sisters would only text her with drama and asking for things.

Anyway, nothing has been the same. I can't look anywhere without her going off on me about supposedly looking at someone. She accuses me of so many things and at times she will just gibe me the silent treatment or ignoring my text and calls.

I want her to live the life she so much desires. Is it to late for that? For some reason, we proceeded to marriage. Soon there after, the same things begun. She maintained her social media accounts whilst she wiped out all of mine. I am left with nothing or anyone other than her. My depency on her grew greatly and i know its wrong. How do i just stop any emotional attachment? I want her to be happy and i want to be happy too.

Our relationship would be as the one on Space Bound by Eminem. I was really f*cked up emotionally and she became my safehaven
Im ready to let her do navigating?
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