Difficult break up advice?

I have recently broken up with my boyfriend who is Muslim. We were dating for 10 months and had already started to plan marriage and moving in together. There was no physical or sexual contact as we both understood that this was not allowed.

We had arranged to meet to discuss our future plans and he had stood me up last minute to deal with "family issues" I became quiet upset as i felt disrespected (this had happened more than once) so i decided to end things there and then. After a couple of days i apologised for my reaction as i did not want anything bad between us, he was forgiving but things were never the same. I asked if we could still be friends yet i heard nothing from him.

My heart is now broken because i don't know where i stand or if we're still friends.

I also found out that he is now arranged to marry another girl only 7 months after our break up. I 'm so confused.

How can he move on so quickly? i want him back and regret i didn't have better patience. I was having a lot of difficult things happening at the time and i just needed space.

I'm lost and don't know what to do. I feel as if i say something that is unfair to him and his family who are probably happy with this new arrangement. But i just don't understand why we can't be friends.
Difficult break up advice?
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