I did something bad after my ex broke up with me?

Okay long story short.

i somehow came across my ex’s secret meme account on Instagram. Nobody knows he has it, but I came across it and started looking through the memes. Based on the memes, I knew right away it was him. Also half the memes were about me.

Anyways, curiosity got the best of me and I made a fake meme account, and messaged his for “advice on starting a meme account” and like how to gain more followers. He responded nicely and that’s when I asked him about some of the memes he posted and the ex he was talking about.

He ended up telling my meme account EVERYTHING about our breakup, more than I needed to know, and now I am overcome with guilt because this was technically an invasion of his privacy.

6 mo
He broke up with me because he lost feelings for me. I didn’t do anything. He treated me quite badly after the breakup so that’s what made me so desperate to find out what he was thinking. His memes that were about me were not deep and had nothing to do with the breakup.
I did something bad after my ex broke up with me?
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