I had a dream about my ex who ghosted me 🙄?

He ghosted me almost 2 months (since end of February), no contacts between us (but 31/03 I texted him to say goodbye because I would leave the town)..

Last night I had a dream that he came to visit me in new town, bought me some iced chocolate and asked if I could cook my favorite food for him.. and I can't remember what else he said.. but it ended up with him telling me that he was truly sorry for ghosting me and now he has changed...

And then I just got up..

After he ghosted me, first month it was tough, someday I was very sad, someday I was fine (but I got many stuffs to do-- so I didn't have time to worry that much) last day of March I went to his place, just wanted to say goodbye.. he didn't answer my calls, didn't open the door.. I was upset (very dumb, I shouldn't have done it) so I texted him 'goodbye and thank you for everything'

I moved to new town in April, the second month.. since then.. I can say that I'm not sad anymore.. maybe because I am happy to meet new friends, meet friends who love me.. okay there is sometimes that I think a little bit about him, but its like same old questions; how is he, does he have new girlfriend.. I dont want to know why did he do it or what did I do wrong..

Until last night I had a dream.. so its weird for me.. so I thought that maybe I cannot get over him :( or deep down I still want him back to my life?

In March I had a dream about him too but it was so scary, he tried to kill me with some kind of aircraft engines (lol I guess I watched movies or documentary about aircraft or something before bed)

When I dream about him, does it mean that I still miss him?

My friend asked me if I want to have someone, I told her I'm not sure, I'm still sad for my last relationship and I think that I'm not good enough for anyone (he was my first bf) she told, not every guys will be like my ex and I dont have to worry.. I just laugh..

I want to know how long will it take until everything fades away?

I had a dream about my ex who ghosted me 🙄?
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