Does her behavior mean something?

Last night, I went to see Avengers Endgame, and I unknowingly went to the theater my ex now works at. I was standing against the wall in the hallway, and she came from behind and passed me. I felt uncomfortable as she approached, and I noticed she was staring at me and I eventually turned my head, and looked her in the eye for a second before looking back at my phone. But I saw she watched me until she reentered the concession stand.
We broke up back in October after 3 years, and she was very harsh and unfairly blamed the failure of the relationship on me. She had broken us up due to religious differences.
The way she looked at me reminded me of the last time we were actually together, the look in her eye wasn't how it was when we broke up.
Does her behavior mean anything?
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Does her behavior mean something?
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