Is it the real reason for breaking up?

I've been meeting with a man for a while but we didn't tell anyone about it because he's much older than me (over 15 years older). Yesterday night he wanted to meet but I said no because I didn't want my family to notice I go out at 2 am. My brother's room is next to my room and the doors are opened so he had probably seen/heard me going away. So we didn't meet but the man wrote me if he was worth it I would meet him and things like that and now he doesn't want to meet anymore.

I think that's not the actual reason because in my opinion men won't break up for that. I think maybe he didn't want to meet me anymore before that and just looked for a reason he could tell me but I don't understand why he wouldn't tell the truth then.

What do you think? Did he really break up because I didn't want to meet? Would you also break up because of that?
Is it the real reason for breaking up?
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