Is this an answer or a coincidence?

I've had struggles with a break up. I'm not normally a religious person, but I tried to pray for an answer or for help. The very next day, I found out my ex had moved back to town and worked near me. A few days later, I ran into her and the conversation I had gave me the closure I needed.
I took that as an answer, and I started moving on. I started dating someone new, and it lasted 6 months. It ended, and I didn't try dating right away.
Anyway, the point I'm getting at is, that the ex I broke up with originally started to creep back into my life, suspectingly stalking my social media, and I recently ran into her. She looked at me with what my friends dubbed as, 'I miss you eyes' and she didn't take her eyes off me until I looked back at her.
The ball is 100% in her court, and I debated the last few days what all that meant. Last night, I prayed again for help and to understand. This morning, I woke up to 3 answers on a question I asked on here 2 months ago confirming my theory of what is going on, and I heard from two different people that they think she is slowly changing her mind and will reach out again
Is this an answer to a prayer or just a coincidence?
It's an answer, things could happen with her
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It's a coincidence
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Is this an answer or a coincidence?
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