Was she lying during the break up?

When my girlfriend broke up with me, she said she couldn't be with me primarily because if a religious difference. But she cited other reasons. She said she wasn't happy, but always insisted I made her very happy. While she was away for a year in school, her roommates would even tell me how much happier she'd get when I'd call or come visit. Her family acknowledged it too.
She also brought up one time I lost my cool when we first started dating 4 years prior (casually) because she was also casually dating another guy and all 3 of us worked together. She didn't see the problem, but I was angry because they made it difficult to work and she was treating me poorly at the time.
All her reasons felt like she was just padding on to her actual reason as a way to get rid of me. Her body language and eyes kept changing as she'd cycle from story to story.
At times she was stiff and rigid, others she was very expressive. Her eyes would either be locked with mine or looking elsewhere. She seemed to be lying.
Why would she make up things and bring up stuff long buried in the past?
She lied
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Was she lying during the break up?
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