Why did we come back together?

Back in 2013/14, I dated this wonderful woman. We dated exclusively for our final 7 months of high school and it was a good relationship. But in the summer of 2014, she broke us up due to her being LDS and I didn't want to convert.
We didn't talk for almost 18 months. I reached out because I struggled with the break up and wanted closure. She was also hurt and said she didn't want anything to do with me.
But in the summer of 2016, she reached out to me because the 'holy ghost' told her to. Despite all the hurt and animosity from our break up, we talked for almost 6 hours and we got back together. We had an absolutely wonderful, loving and passionate relationship for 7 months until she left for her mission.
She again broke things off and cited we could never be together because of the religious beliefs. But she made a commitment to me to try to make things work before she left. She sent me engagement ring ideas and everything.
My question is, why did we get back together in the first place. She knew it wouldn't work before that, and I had started to move on by the time she reached out. If there was nothing to benefit each other, why would we have been brought back together after so long?
Why did we come back together?
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