How do you move on after an abusive marriage?

So I'm currently planning to divorce my wife. After 8 years together, I have finally come to terms with the fact that she is a full-blown narcissist (as in, psychological disorder, not just arrogant). She's never given me a gift, never asked about my day, never written me a letter, and constantly berates me on a daily basis and acts as if I'm raping her if I try to hold her hand. She's even physically attacked me once and does things like throw away my possessions or our son's toys when she gets angry (which is often--daily even).

Anyway, she's terrible and I'm moving on at 30+ years of age. And, again, we have a son too. I'm wondering, from anyone who's been through this kind of hellish experience, what do I have to look forward to on the other side? What's the dating life going to be like? I'm terrified of falling in with the same kind of person (I've already noticed myself being friendly with or being attracted to women who share similarities with my wife...) Is finding a "happily ever after" scenario possible the second time around with all this baggage I will have to carry around?
How do you move on after an abusive marriage?
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