I emotionally hurt my girlfriend, we broke up, I feel so guilty, I want her back, do I have a chance?

Im in an LDR with this lovely girl and she broke up with me after her mom made her break up with me. I sent her some money with a leaf emoji so she can smoke some weed as she was very stressed, on her period, and had her college finals coming up. After her mom saw the message she immediately knew what it was, broke down in front of her and told her that she could never trust her again. But, since I sent her money her mom saw me as an extremely bad influenced and forced her to break up with me. When my girlfriend (now ex) informed me i was broken, speechless, helpless. All I wanted to do was help my ex relax and have a good night. My ex told me and I kept insisting that we should at least try because we loved each other. I wasn't willing to just let her go, I couldn't cause after all, it wasn't something i did to her negatively, its something her parents made her do. But she kept insiting that it wasn't gonna work out and that it would be impossible and told me she can't be in a relationship with me anymore as she was crying her eyes out. I was growing frustrated because i felt helpless, i couldnt comort her in person, and it seemed like she didn't love me because she didn't want to try. After, I told her that she never really loved me and lied to me. This was what pushed her over the edge, I deeply hurt her emotionally. I can't stop thinking about what i did and really want her back, i feel like she'd be more willing to work it out with me if i didn't say that but its too late. The damage was done, I apologized to her in a long genuine paragraph or two and she tells me she's hurt, damaged, and wants to fix her relationship with her parents and focus on school first before she wants to fix her relationship with me. I apologized to her once more and decided to give her space. Do i have a chance or should i move on? I love her, i still do, i can't believe i can do such a thing to someone i loved.
I emotionally hurt my girlfriend, we broke up, I feel so guilty, I want her back, do I have a chance?
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