What do you do when your ex is threatening suicide?

My ex has attempted it before by trying to OD with a ton of drugs and a prescription that was laying around. It’s honestly a miracle that she didn’t kill herself there. She spent four days in the hospital and another 3 in a psychiatric ward. I broke up for legitimate reasons, but she’s randomly threatening to kill herself. I know she’ll actually do it, and that would absolutely destroy me. Last night she calls and was about to do it, and I stayed up all night trying to calm her down.

Had a job interview today and got no sleep because of that. It’s negatively impacting my life. If I just ghost her, I know she’s going to do it. I know if I call the police and have put on another psychiatric hold, she’s just going to say what needs to be said to get out, and then proceed with trying to kill her self.

This is a really fucked up position I’m in. I had a friend in the Marine Corps not too long ago that offed himself. I’ve literally witnessed a suicide right in front of me when I was on duty not too long ago either. I also have cancer and I’m dealing with that as well. This isn’t some sob story, but if you can try to understand how much these kind of threats really impact me.

I literally can’t win. If I just call the police and let it go, she’s going to do it once she’s free. I can’t deal with feeling like her death was on my shoulders. I also can’t keep letting these threats continue. I don’t know what the hell to do.

Has anyone else ever had to deal with this?
What do you do when your ex is threatening suicide?
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