Please help! Been a year since my breakup and I still feel the same level of guilt?

Basically I found out that my girlfriend at the time had a past of boyfriend hopping and somewhat cheating and sleeping with some questionable people. BEFORE me

I let it go cause it was her past. Till her past guys started getting closer to her family. In fact she was sexting a guy ONE week before we dated. And kept contact AFTER saying she was done with her past and guys. Even had a convo with another ex on her bday. She would give me her passwords and in return I blocked an old female friend for her and had to let her know who is calling me or is on the other line of the phone.

Anyways 6 months into the relation I bought up her past again and she got really mad. Like really mad. She told me to "go bother someone else and that she is done" I was pissed so I said "fine you a whore anyways"
The next day I apologized but she wanted space. Then I see she on her social media that she is heavily flirting with a guy on IG. (The same guy she snaps A LOT but said he is no one/ the same guy her friends say she flirts a lot with) so I confront her and she says "He is just a friend but that is none of your concern cause we aren't together" so I said "fine you suck at head anyways" I was upset cause I felt lied to and like days earlier I had to block a female friend.

I apologized after that for a whole week. I told her how I love her intimacy and how special it is to me and how she is amazing at everything. While I was saying that she texted "let me rub it in your face about my new bf" she began dating/ sleeping with that guy only days later after saying he was just a friend and had no crush on him

I still have the same regret months later. How to move on?
Please help! Been a year since my breakup and I still feel the same level of guilt?
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