Was breaking up over the phone in a LDR unacceptable?

So a while ago, I broke up with my boyfriend of 9 months over the phone. We had a half hour long conversation in which I let him ask all the questions he wanted to and replied to the best of my ability. After the shock wore off, he got really angry and accused me of being a 'cowardly bitch' for breaking up with him over the phone. This has bothered me ever since, so I wanted other people's opinions on whether this was acceptable or not.

He was a 4-hour drive away from me. He didn't have a car, and train tickets would have cost me around £60-80 (for context, I'm a student on the minimum maintenance loan, and that's food money for about 3 weeks). We'd planned to meet up on Saturday, but on Tuesday I realised I couldn't do it to him or me going another day in that relationship pretending everything was fine, and I also worried it would be cruel letting him make plans for the weekend and then turning up and ending things. Driving to see him would have been an 8-hour journey in one day, and I've never driven for that long in my life. Besides that, I don't think doing a long drive would have been safe in the highly emotional state I was in post-breakup.

Was he justified in being so angry at me for breaking up in a phone call?
Was breaking up over the phone in a LDR unacceptable?
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