Am I an abuser?

A lot of times I bring up something bothering me in a relationship and my girlfriend gets mad. Last week or so I bought something up and she told me how she is "done with me and how I should go find another girl."

I told her that she is making me get an anxiety attack with how she fights

She said "want me to call your mom to calm you down?"

I said "why are you going to call my mom you bitchy whore."

She said: "fuck off and man up"

I said: "you suck at giving head anyways"

She broke up with me

I was so upset and I apologized but she has told everyone how I am an abuser and she is the victim so I have been non stop apologizing but out of no where she shoved it in my face how she is sleeping with this guy. The guy I was suspicious about.
Am I an abuser?
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