Guys, He says he loves me and wants it to work but also says he can take it or leave. Is it worth it?

Well... it’s a long ass story. Basically we’ve been together for 6 months but dated before for a year. (That first breakup would be a whole other thread).
He is a passive aggressive asshole. He can pretend everything is fine and fake being happy and I see through it and call it out. I honestly think he just does that because he’s too lazy to deal with anything.

There was a shift in his attitude one day and I was trying to figure it out. Things got tense and weird and finally a big blow out fight happen because he was just not communicating.

Its a week later and I said for him to move back to his place and after his sarcastic comments today I lost it and said f it I’m done. So we had a talk and he finally told me the things he was mad about.

I work at a doctors office and my ex comes in. One day he came in unexpectedly. I was nervous because I didn’t want to see him and i told this to my current boyfriend because i don’t like keeping things from him. Long story short is my ex tried apologizing and since he owed me money he bought me a CBD pen that we sell at the office. I told my boyfriend. He didn’t act mad at the time and i ask him if he was, but turns out he was and that’s what set his passive aggressive chain of events shit off and took us to tonight where I was ready to just cut it all off.

He admitted that might be why he was acting that way once I pointed it out (won’t admit it was on purpose) and says he loves me and doesn’t want to end this. He was very casual about it. I told him it seems like he could leave it or take it. He said yeah he could!

I think if he really loved me he wouldn’t say shit like I could leave it or take it. So I want to know if this is just stupid to even try.

I’m 32 he’s 35. His family hates me his friends at work hate me from all the shit he’s talked about me. I’m not invited to family functions and I think it’s fucked up. I would like a family since I am a orphan and have nobody.

Let me know what you think
Guys, He says he loves me and wants it to work but also says he can take it or leave. Is it worth it?
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