What changed for her?

I met this girl at my work in June of last year and I knew that there was something special about her. And from July until September, I got to know her while at work, and she seemed awesome.
I waited to ask her out, because she isn't the same religion as me, but I finally did. We went out a few times in October, and it wasn't very fun. She seemed to enjoy herself though.
We didn't go on another date until mid November, and it was significantly better. But we stopped seeing each other because she was also casually dating another co-worker. I didn't want a love triangle at work and I didn't ask her out again.
She was upset because of it and we had a hard time working together. And in January, I left for an opportunity I couldn't pass up.
I messaged her not long after I left and she expressed her displeasure with me about how I stopped seeing her and that she 'just wanted to have fun'
But in mid April, she requested me on Facebook and Instagram. I didn't accept it right away, but I did. And earlier this week she messaged me saying she wasn't seeing that guy anymore, and she really liked me and wanted to date as an exclusive couple.
We have gone out twice since and it's been great, but I'm still hesitate about this.
What changed for her?
What changed for her?
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