My ex crush won't talk properly?

I had many chances to be with him or use the opportunities to make him my boyfriend. But I threw all of them away and chose not to listen to this guy and cut him off completely. I treated him the worst. But was very flirty and nice to my hook ups, male friends and friends with benefits.

My male friends got hugs, affection, fwbs got sex, I treated them out but I did nothing with this guy I liked and did bare minimum. He had even asked me out but I had declined saying I had things to do.
I pushed all the blame on him and dumped him. And didn't even bother.
I met few guys and dated them but was badly treated by them.
Then I realised how that guy was so tolerant and different than these.

Now I'm trying to get him to acknowledge me and talk to me. He initially ignored me but now he has started talking after my persistent attempts. It feels just like 2 years ago when I was chasing him for the first time

But the love and light in his eyes has gone. He hardly even smiles at me. He still stares at me but no smile. What can I do to get him back?

I know he's been miserable and in a lot of pain but I really want to make this work
My ex crush won't talk properly?
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