Why is my ex girlfriend contacting me?

She broke up with me about 6 months ago. She wanted us to get back together the next day, but I had enough and did not want to do the whole relationship thing with her anymore. She broke up with me once before out of the blue and then apologized the next day and we got back together and I told her if she ever did that again, it would be for good. We did not have any serious problems in our relationship but her family wanted her to work a lot for their company and they expected me to do the same. I got fed up with them and left. Eventually we started seeing each other less and less due to the very little free time she had.

After we broke up, she kept contacting me for a while, saying things like “I will always be here for you because I know I was not there for you when we were together and I’m so sorry for that and I wish I could change that” etc. She also heard I started dating a long term friend of mine, and again wrote to me just to say she wants me to be happy cause I deserve that, and that she always knew there was a lot of chemistry between me and my current girlfriend... I just said well thanks. Then she wished me happy birthday a couple weeks after that.

She stalks my girlfriend on every social media platform, watches her ig stories, and always watches mine and likes all my photos all the time. A couple days ago she wrote to me out of the blue again reminding me of an accident I had a few years ago when we were together, and told me to “stay safe”. My girlfriend told me it would be polite to reply and thank her, so I did. But she kept messaging me saying I look really well and how it shows I am doing a lot of sports (my girlfriend is very sporty). I did not know what to say as I do not feel the need to talk to her but also don’t want to hurt her by ignoring her or whatever, as I do not have any problem with her personally.

Why does she feel the need to constantly find any way back to my life? Should I tell her to stop?
Why is my ex girlfriend contacting me?
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