She was in tears?

Long story short, I treated my old crush really badly. She was beautiful. Probably the most beautiful girl i had ever seen. I still remember how when i first saw her, i could not take my gaze off her. And it was mutual. She experienced the same for me.

Basically I did like her but mainly wanted to fuck her as I was being a player but she didn't really seduce me or act sexy so I got pissed and cut her off.

Met her again a few months later and realised she still liked me but I didn't really have that attraction as I had before so I didn't really try to make any efforts to see her and mainly ignored her around my large clique.

I was already hooking up with two girls whom I ve been hooking up since 2 years. I guess I still liked her though it wasn't sexual anymore like I didn't wanted to just bed her.

I guess I wanted to talk and go out for coffee but couldn't really do the communicating as I always wanted her to talk to me. She had asked me before but I refused her.

More drama happened and I ended up being really mean to her, denied any attraction between us claiming I didn't remember our conversation and we were simply acquaintainces. She was saying she wanted to tell me something but I cut her short the next day and never spoke to her. She sent me a message via friend saying farewell and good luck. didn't bother responding.

Left the country and dated new girls. Had no regrets for a few months until I got into trouble with girls and got my life in a crazy situation.

Now I'm back and I met her again. I wanted to talk to her but she avoids looking at me. I tried to catch her alone and said hello to which she timidly responded but she literally had tears in her eyes. And she looked scared.

What do I do? How do I normalize our relationship? I'm still attracted to her, she's beautiful and I've realised she's equally beautiful inside. Please help
She was in tears?
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