We Broke Up Because We Grew Apart?

I was in this long distance relationship. And we were coming to the point where we were going to visit each other, now mind you we were talking off and on since 2016 and I kept pushing him away because I didn't think it was real enough. This time around I was trying to make something work that didn't fit even though on paper we would make so much sense to be together. Hindsight is always 20/20 as I stood back and looked at what we could be I didn't like what I saw. I was trying to make a circle fit into a square. We... just... didn't... fit and I realized we never really did. I broke up with him because I felt deep down inside he wanted someone else and so did I. I didn't feel free. I was brought up in a faith based home. I myself am not religious I am spiritual but he was more religious than anything as he also was Christian. I know I want a man who loves God but also who is chill enough to vibe with me on every level especially spiritually if that makes sense. I gave myself 5 mins to cry over the break up but I moved on. All this happened on my Birthday last Saturday. I just want freedom from Church and religion and what I have been accustom to my whole 29 years of living. So my question is has anyone ever been
here before. How did you feel after you moved on? We're you better for doing so? Did you ever find true love again? Not saying I had true love.
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It's a title not a question lol but y'all get what I'm trying to say.
We Broke Up Because We Grew Apart?
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