Wouldn't she have done something by now?

Over the past few years, things have been on and off with this Mormon girl I met when I was just out of high school.
We'd date for a while, and separate because of the religious beliefs, then after a while, we'd get back together again.
The last time we were together was in 2016. We went from a rocky relationship to a very aggressive breakup with a lot of animosity, to an extremely loving and happy relationship.
She said she wanted to marry me, that I had become her best friend, her home, and felt our relationship could last forever.
She did leave for her mission, and she pushed me away and eventually stopped talking to me. When she came back, I eventually ran into her and she expressed she wasn't truly happy in the relationship, and she said all these things but they felt like lies.
After a few weeks, I felt fine and I started moving on. But after a few months, she started showing up on my social media. For a bit I thought she may reach out. But she didn't.
Now, almost a month ago, I happened to run into her again. I was at an event, and I felt like I was being watched. When I looked over, it was her. And she gave me a different look. It felt like regret and she missed me. My friend dubbed it 'i miss you eyes'
But like I said it's been a month.
If see saw me and felt anything and felt that way, wouldn't she have reached out by now?
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Wouldn't she have done something by now?
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