Why is she this upset about this?

My ex and I broke up a while ago, and it was all because of a religious difference, and the way she went about it pissed me off. Because of how she went about things, I elected to not stay friends.
I saw her a few times in the months following, and she was upset about it. But it wasn't until almost a year later, I had a feeling to reach out to her and I did.
She expressed how angry with me she still was. She said for months, she expected me to call her and she didn't expect me to basically vanish. I was hard to find on social media and she never saw me after we broke up.
I had tried to reach out by text twice and she ignored me, and once on Facebook prior to her actually responding to me.
Anyway, she said I hurt her by doing what I did. She said I made her feel like I never actually cared and forgot about her. Despite me trying to talk it out. She said she's too hurt by what happened, and she said she didn't want us to talk again or see each other ever again.
I am heartbroken, but I made it clear how much I cared about her during our time together. I don't understand why she's so mad when she broke us up and have every chance to reach out or to respond to me.


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