If she felt this way, why would she want to try again?

Almost two years ago, my girlfriend and I broke up. She said that because I didn't share her religion, she couldn't be with me anymore. I decided to not be involved with her life anymore, because I was so heartbroken.
About 18 months later, we came into contact again, and she said she was extremely hurt by me just vanishing from her life. She expected me to call. She felt like she didn't matter to me. So she said she was done, and she never wanted anything to do with me.
It's been 7 months, and she reached out to me. We talked things out a bit, she seemed to not be as bothered like she was. I'm not sure what changed.
After the conversation, almost 6 hours, we made up and she said she wanted to date me again. Give us another chance.
Why would she do this? I'm a little suspicious.


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  • Maybe she grew up enough to realize religion is bullshit.


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