Boyfriend found on tinder?

I have been dating my boyfriend for four months. My friend who uses tinder came across a profile on there that is his and sent me a screenshot.

I immediately confronted him and he said his account was banned and sent me a screenshot of an email from tinder and the login page.

He said he used to have a couple of catfishes. This would be more believable if only the location didn’t seem to play a massive part in this. My friend lives very close to him, and the distance in km that showed up was 3km, so I am finding it very hard to believe.

I believe he has a couple of accounts, so he has obviously logged into the one that got taken down, but is clearly still using the other profile.

i am utterly heartbroken and don’t know what to believe.

i also saw a couple of girls he recently followed on Instagram are from the area where he lives, and his Instagram and location was posted on the profile.

Should I end this now?
Boyfriend found on tinder?
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